December 18, 2011Satan Claus was previously screened at Slamdance 2011 as part of a J.X. Williams mini-retrospective. Hosted by Slamdance programmer Noel Lawrence, the screening attracted the ire of the reclusive director as well as a mysterious visit by a contingent of local police. Fortunately, the screening proceeded peacefully and a merry time was had by all attendees.

The film has a history as curious as that of its director. Here is what J.X. Williams writes of its origins:

In the mid-Seventies, I was working as a projectionist for this crummy movie theatre in downtown LA. The owner owed me six weeks back wages and when I asked him for the money, the scumbag had the gall to inform me that I was getting laid off Christmas week. If he'd known my reputation for mischief, he might have thought twice about it.

On my last day of work, I had to project a Christmas matinee for kids. Before the main feature, I added an unannounced opener to the program called "Satan Claus." I fled the theatre right after my film ended but I heard the owner had to refund the entire box office. Even then, several outraged parents filed a lawsuit against the theatre.

Merry Christmas, you cheap bastard!

-J.X. Williams

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Noel Lawrence
Currator, J.X. Williams Archive